Philip White – 72hrs in London


When I got the call that I’d be coming to the U.K. I was ecstatic, not because I thought I was getting ready to play to a crowd of thousands or kick off a European tour but because it was an opportunity. A grand opportunity to expand the small dimensions of my “music career” and very importantly a chance to spread the message in my music outside the borders of my world as I knew it. To touch and reach a group of people I would not ordinarily see or hear; and to immerse myself in a culture that I had not experienced.

The minute I touched down into London we hit the ground running. After coffee and great discussion with my host I was boarding a train straight into the city and the adventure began. From The Houses of Parliament to Camden Lock, to Fish and Chips for lunch to cheeky Nandos restaurant for dinner, this was the pace of 72hrs prior to my performance in the Wembley area of London. The job of DJ and promoter Jay Prevost was to expose me to as much of London as possible; so we painted the town red and did all we could to allow my art and also my independent brand to be placed on whatever platform would receive us. I was asked to be interviewed by DJ Ali of Unique Radio who discussed my music and my gospel roots as a child and how I got about intertwining it with a more contemporary R&B expression.

I was able to speak of the Gospel music artists I grew up on like the Clark Sisters and the Winans. My current singles were discussed, such a great time we had in that interview. A black tie event hosted by Shaun Wallace of the game show would be the grand reception we’d all been waiting for. The event was held in Wembley London and was hosted by Shaun Wallace of The Chase in celebration of DJ Ali’s 50th Birthday. I sang 4 songs including From the Bottom of My Heart, a Vandross tribute Power of Love, A Heart Like Mine and finally Laid It Down which was all well received.


Whether it was the Windsor Castle or the event itself I was amazed at the ground that we covered. The drive and the will to share my music and art, the motivation to spread this gospel message, that is what drove me. I would call my debut in London one that was filled with optimism, faith, determination and positive result. I met wonderful people and sang my music but most importantly the love of God in my heart was shared to others and that is all I want to do. Thank you London.


-Philip White