R&B singer and songwriter Helly (born Angel Torres, Jr. on April 16, 1992), formerly known as Angel, was born and

R&B singer and songwriter Helly

R&B singer and songwriter Helly

raised on the Caribbean island of St. Croix, which is located in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  At an early age, Helly exhibited a special interest in music, but it wasn’t until he was in high school that he truly fell in love with it. Instead of spending his spare time with his friends, he opted to hang out in the music room listening to the high school band rehearse.  Then, when he wasn’t playing baseball, he would come home and spend numerous hours in his room composing soca beats on his computer.  That was just the beginning of his musical story.  And, even though he never received any formal training in reading or composing music, family and friends could clearly see that Helly had a special ear for making captivating music.

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In 2010, Helly moved to Texas to attend college.  It was at that time, he actually discovered and developed his own unique, rhythmic vocal talents.  It was also where he realized his un-paralled skill for writing song lyrics and extremely addictive hooks, which has helped him to earn the nickname “Captain Hook”.  Helly’s song lyrics are comprised of gripping storylines which make his listeners feel like they’re riding on a rollercoaster – full of unexpected twists and turns.  Helly’s music also showcases his freestyling rap talents which he includes in some of the songs to help smoothly tie everything together.

Early in his musical career, Helly was fortunate to link with many other young music enthusiast who have helped to progress his music.  While attending college, he linked with Ezzay, co-founder of YAF (Young and Fresh), a producer/composer and rap hopeful, also from the Virgin Islands.  Helly and Ezzay’s collaboration was magical! Ezzay’s talent for creating new wave beats along with Helly’s storytelling lyrics and hooks all fit together perfectly like the pieces of a puzzle.  As a result of that collaboration, Helly released his first EP, Late Notice in 2011.  The EP, which was mostly recorded in Helly’s dormroom, boasted 10 original compilations of R&B and rap songs with other upcoming artists.  It also featured other singles produced by Masai Harris, another aspiring local producer/songwriter, who was instrumental in getting Helly to record for the first time in a professional music studio.  Helly shot a video for the single Go to Work, produced by Masai and filmed by Forever Kings, and it already has 10,000 views on Youtube.  As a result of his hardwork and dedication, Helly has already earned much admiration and respect from fans and other artists alike.  His vocals have been featured on the songs of other artists locally and on the mainland. Releasing his first EP only helped to solidify Helly’s dreams of having a career in the music business.  Late Notice remains a fan favorite today.

In late 2012, Helly moved to Atlanta, Georgia to further his music career.  While there, he entered and won an amateur open mic competition.  The exposure from that performance was just what he needed to jumpstart his career on the mainland.  After that, he linked with a top Atlanta producer and together they composed three 60 second advertising promos certified by Turner Broadcasting Station (TBS). One of those promos was featured on the hit VH1 reality TV show Miami Monkey.  In addition to that, Helly met up with two (2) young, and upcoming producers, Mike Martin and Leo, also from the Virgin Islands and began working in the studio to complete his next EP entitled To the World.

Recently, Helly released two new singles, Hear What They Say and Stay the Night, produced by Mike Martin. Both singles can be found on Soundcloud, along with some of Helly’s other tracks, and the videos, shot by @lani_visual and @shad_fk, can be viewed on Helly’s Youtube page found under Helly_VI.  More importantly, Helly’s newest single entitled Hear What They Say has already gained the attention of a well-known European music site, BTYO.com, and remained at #1 on the video billboard charts for over a month.  Since then, Helly has evolved and has begun experimenting with different music genres.  His next EP promises to be amazing and will feature singles such as the reggae single entitled No Bad Vybz