Why Music Mentors Are Important

Article 1 (February 2017)

Why music mentors are important for Dj’s



We welcome 2017 by saying thank you for the people who used our services for three decades and enjoyed our selection in music for your events.  My journey in music started when I was four years old, being inspired by three people who have a great vision for music.

Having two brothers who are pioneers of the sound system era, and having a view of music from two different perspectives which has allowed me to take a third option in how I select music for the public.  In my life I have had three music mentors; the third music mentor gave me a 4k perspective in music.

Truth is I studied all genres of music for 10 years before I attempted to Dj live to an audience in 1981, which for me is maybe one of the reasons why I still can stand today and produce performances in different genres and receive positive feedback.

I still stand tall with the two noble gentlemen (Big Steve, “H”) who stood on the stage with me in Oasis (East London) on our inaugural performance for Soul Inc Roadshow; I still stand tall with the noble gentleman “VP” who has educated me in how to select the finest music in the soul genre, since 1971.  I made the decision to marry my third music mentor for whom I understand that learning about music is a lifelong skill, “Love In Action” has one of the most holistic minds in music in the world today.

As a Dj you are simply a messenger, without the artist who make the music you are nothing, but without the people who inspire you and give you the insight, you are simply a listener.

Have a great 2017


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