Soul Steppers June 2013

“The Smooth Party” feat Kevin J and Bashiyrasoul_steppers

Birmingham was a bustling hive of activity as I arrived to its town centre en route to perform at The Penthouse Loft Lounge on June 29th 2013.

As I entered the venue it was Penthouse by name and indeed Penthouse in nature, as the venue was stunning! I was greeted by warm smiles which continued as I was escorted to the main club area to be introduced to Mr Kevin J of Soul Steppers, Birmingham.

Sound-check complete I was guided to the Green Room to chill before my performance. I watched as The Penthouse filled up with the nights party-goers and enjoyed the smooth selection of soul music occupying my eardrums.

A lovely welcome greeted me as I entered the stage area and met with my audience, where it was also my pleasure, to gift the very charming, Angelina Nicolette, who has followed my success on-line with a passion and sincerity that is most heart-warming, and it was great to finally meet with her in person.

During each song I performed, I witnessed the party-goers engaged and enjoying my music and themselves, as they danced the night away, singing along to the songs they knew, with fixed smiles on their faces.

The applause after each song was a trip, and I thank everyone who attended Soul Steppers Birmingham with the intention of appreciating my music and getting to know me as an artist that much more.soul_steppers_pose

I have some wonderful memories of the night including my performance, entertaining a great crowd and getting to meet new fans and supporters on a one to one basis after leaving the stage area. Pictures taken, the signing of autographs, informing a new fan base of how they can stay in touch with me, CD’s sold and smiling faces, is my job, well done, and I simply love what I do, so thank-you to Birmingham for embracing me x.

All that remains is to say nuff love to my wonder-man Cosmo, for getting us to Brummie, safe and sound and back home again. With gratitude also extended to Kevin J, Marcus Bee, Mellow A, Richy J and all the Soul Steppers crew members for being such gracious hosts.  To Mr Jay Prev for playing such an instrumental role as well as supporting my performance in Birmingham.

“I’ll Be Back” (in my best Arnie voice – Lol!!) so until the next time Birmingham, much love, Bashiyra ‘The Voice’ x

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